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Japanese Pussycat Dolls



The Pussycat Doll wave has hit Japan. Their name is JANEL, which stands for JAPAN NEEDS LADIES. Kind of taken aback by the name meaning but I have heard stranger.

The group is made up of 5 female personalities: Power – Grow, Sexy – Azuni, Beauty – MARIE, Cool - Naoca, Cute – YUKO. These ladies unite for a super vocal and dance unit, often being called he ” Japanese Pussycat Dolls.”

Starting out performing on the streets and in Tokyo parks, which is the norm of new Japanese artist.  Most new talent is found this way in the music industry of Japan. They are signed to Rhythm Zone which is a affiliate of avex group.

With a collaboration with popular woman’s lingerie and apparel company PEACH JOHN, who have had many notable models and public icons participating in their catalogs such as Fergie, Vivian Hsu, Dita Von Tesse and Lena Fuji. JANEL has gained a lot of attention, their single ‘Lovin” is being used as a promotional song for PEACH JOHN.

Grow| Vocalist&Dancer |2.12.1985

MARIE| Dancer |10.27.1985

Azuni| Dancer |6.24.1986

Naoca| Vocal&Dancer |9.04.1985

YUKO| Dancer |6.24.1986

JANEL Mini Album | 3.08.2008
1. Full of Love
2. Girls Fight
3. Sweet Pie
4. Geraloma
5. My Way

“We Are JANEL” Album | 11.11.2009
1. Brand new world
2. Feel
4. Dream
5. Too Sexy
6. Make My Day
7. Lovin’ CF
8. Happy Ending
9. Anohi Tonari ni Ita Hito (あの日隣にいた人)
10. My Way (DJ KAORI mix)


Note: All MV have been taken down by YouTube so only can find fancams.

More Information:
JANEL Official Japanese Website
UnOfficial YouTube Page

Source: + Rhythm Zone

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